Executive Summary

  • Rating of the most influential subjects of the Russian pharma market, 2017 (Part 2)
  • Experts refer to the bill that approves drug sales at stores as «detrimental»
  • In Russia, Pfizer’s losses exceeded half a billion rubles due to generic launches before patent expiry
  • Russia still lags in oncotherapy solutions for children
  • Pharma industry discussed drug marking risks
  • Drug marking changes terminology, timeframe remaining uncertain
  • Vaccine release quality control to change in Russia
  • A new player may emerge on the analytical services market
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers shift sales from pharmacy to online chains
  • Sales of immunity boosting and cold & flu prevention supplements, 2017: a report
  • Supervision authorities got hold of the «mystery» wholesaler
  • Scientists master stem cell-based technologies
  • Sales scheming may come at a cost to drug suppliers
  • Doctors and officials speak on nuclear medicine development prospects in Russia
  • Experts debate over feasibility of lab services centralization
  • Patient Advocacy League offers help to medical manufacturers in controlling supplies
  • Russian mobile health solutions to make the disabled persons life easier
  • State procurement of portable blood-sugar monitors and test strips, MAT Q316-Q317: a report
  • Drug resales by distributors account for 15% of the market size
  • 71% of chain pharmacies have marketing contracts with manufacturers
  • Experts summed up 2017 results
  • Rating of the most influential subjects of the Russian pharma market, 2017
  • A review of dietary supplements sales in pharmacy sector, 2017
  • Analysis of retail markup for drugs and supplements, Q1-317
  • Shall doctors be put in jail for medical errors?
  • Social functions important for pharmacies despite no profit
  • Meningitis vaccination may prevent disease breakout
  • Rosta under credit watch
  • FAS rejects MoH’s Healthy Lifestyle Strategy
  • Interchangeable drugs determined in Russia with some matters still outstanding
  • Supplements market to undergo revision
  • Oncologists call for joining efforts in malignant tumor management
  • Russian nuclear medicine has world market prospects
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers not ready to report under new form
  • Liberalization of drug registration process in Ukraine turned into a criminal action
  • Report on retail drug sales, 2017
  • Rating of Russian pharmacy chains, 2017
  • Review of government procurement of enteral nutrition, 2014—2017
  • Scientists develop a new targeted drug delivery method
  • Retail chains are increasingly interested in selling medical products
  • Sverdlovsk pharmaceutical facilities invited to cooperation
  • The government of Novosibirsk region to inspect Koltsovo Biotechnology Park
  • Licensing pharma business in Belarus
  • 36.6 Pharmacy Chain shareholding structure may change again
  • Experts have no idea who may force pharmacies sell cheap drugs
  • National Immunization Schedule extension requires long-term planning
  • Pharma retailers sharply criticize the supermarket drug selling bill
  • FMCG retailers are fast and furious on pharma market
  • Ban on pharmacy managers dispensing drugs turned into a competition tool
  • Is dropping preclinical animal trials possible?
  • Patients concerned about missing cancer strategy
  • ACTO asks FAS to clarify application of antimonopoly legislation
  • The drug marking law raised controversy among pharma market players
  • Experts propose new pricing reform options
  • Review of flu and ARVI drug sales in the out-of-pocket segment as of November 2017
  • Importing underpriced VED-listed drugs to Russia
  • Review of drug clinical trials in Russia, Q317
  • Regional governments try to preserve state pharmacies through consolidation and change in legal status

Court action against Dmitry Dain terminated

Drug manufacturers do not object to new pricing procedure approval taking a long time

VED price cutting has “peaked”

Digital technologies to boost R&D efficacy


A regional conference discusses violations of pharmacy regulations

MoH outlined top public health priorities

Improper filing of medical devices may end up in court

Auditing of medical project support programs is a necessity


Generics of patent-protected drugs on sale

Local pharmacy chains to learn survival lessons from FMCG retailers

Drug marking may trigger an unhealthy pharma market growth

MoH found real prerequisites for drug insurance implementation

Roszdravnadzor simplifies auditing procedures and systematizes methods


Pilot risk-sharing projects miss the action date

Experts consider healthcare officials too ambitious and underprofessional

Serialization and aggregation to cut the number of pharma market players

R-Pharm and Valenta to pull off “price racing”

MoH is recommended to accelerate implementation of integrated assessment of state-funded drugs


Drug marking project participants wait for final process description

A biobank with human tissue samples is being created in Russia

ProApteka to open pharmacy outlets at Moscow Central Railway Ring stations

EAEC to start testing common information system in December at the earliest

Will Eurasian legislation solve problems unsolvable for national regulators?

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