Current issue #12, 2018


Experts discuss priorities of Pharma-2030 Strategy

The implementation of the Pharma-2020 Program is still underway, but the industry already looks into future. The Ministry of Industry and Trade is to present the first draft Pharma-2030 Strategy through the end of April, while experts continue prioritizing strategic guidelines.

[PharmVestnik # 12, 10/04/2018, p. 1, cont’d p. 2]

// Regulatory & Legal – Pharma & Medical

Pharmaceutical manufacturers may be forced to pay 5M-RUB fines for unreliable drug information

The initiative to impose administrative sanctions for providing unreliable drug information in the process of registration/reregistration of a maximum sales price of a VED-listed drug triggers debates in the pharma community. Experts agree that misstatements must be penalized; however, it is unclear how to determine whether it was data garbling on part of a marketing authorization holder or if someone is just willing to think so.

[PharmVestnik # 12, 10/04/2018, p. 4]

// Health Management

Vice-Premier Olga Golodets criticized government officials for inadequate registers of patients in need of pain management

This year, Vice-Premier of the Russian Government Olga Golodets intends to do away with the inadequate patient access to analgesics and provide for a 100% coverage of those in need of palliative care. The Government Council for Oversight of Social Services discussed the ways to achieve the above in the country with a nonexistent unified recordkeeping system to embrace all patients in need of pain management. Mrs. Golodets was tough on the officials who tried to explain why the statistics from different sources did not add up and shed all responsibility to regional authorities. The Vice-Premier allowed 3 months to solve the problem.

[PharmVestnik # 12, 10/04/2018, p. 5]

// Drug Procurement

Pharma companies practice huge price cuts

In November 2017, Biocad announced price cuts in respect of 4 drugs: two antineoplastic products, a multiple sclerosis therapy under the High-Cost Diseases Program, and a HIV medication. Thus, the manufacturer did the government a favor as the new price has become the lowest in the VED list now targeted by the government customer. The state has saved dozens of millions of rubles. However, it was other players that had to cut their prices as Biocad was bidding to supply only one pharmaceutical product.

[PharmVestnik # 12, 10/04/2018, p. 9]

// Pricing – Pharma

Manufacturer's prices must be the same for distributors and p...

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