Current issue #5, 2018

13 февраля 2018

Drug resales by distributors account for 15% of the market size

Drug manufacturers, pharmacies, and distributors are well aware that there is a resale market within the pharmacy sector. However, this has been backroom dealing so far, and market players had to put up with the unfair practices. Analysts know, too, that drug leakage through secondary distribution channels has been practiceds for at least three years. Now it looks like the situation has ventured too far, and experts decided to lance the pharmacy market «abscess» in the public.

[PharmVestnik # 05, 13/02/2018, p. 1, cont’d p. 7]

// Pharma Retailing

71% of chain pharmacies have marketing contracts with manufacturers

In early February, the ski resort Krasnaya Polyana near Sochi was the venue of the 2nd conference “PROjections of the Future” focusing on mutual benefits of marketing contracts. The conference was hosted by Bionika Group, PharmVestnik, and KST Interforum. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacy sector players openly discussed the changing relationships between the market players seeking to establish a foothold.

[PharmVestnik # 05, 13/02/2018, pp. 2-3]

// Pharma Industry – General

Experts summed up 2017 results

In the analyst opinion, the past year demonstrated quite unexpected trends. The market recovery in the 1st half-year brought hope that the year would be productive for businesses at large. However, the experts’ optimism has gradually died out. The year’s results turned out to be disappointing for many companies and the market overall. That is why analysts are cautious about their 2018 forecasts.

[PharmVestnik # 05, 13/02/2018, pp. 8-9]

// Pharma Industry – General

Rating of the most influential subjects of the Russian pharma market, 2017

The persons on the so-called Kremlin list drafted by the US Department of the Treasury are unlikely to be very happy. However, those who have made their way to PharmVestnik’s traditional annual rating of the most influential subjects of the Russian pharma market have every reason to be proud.

[PharmVestnik # 05, 13/02/2018, pp. 14-15]

// Insight – Dietary Supplements

A review of dietary supplements sales in pharmacy sector, 2017

The pharmacy-bound dietary supplements market has appreciably changed over the past few years. Primarily, it is the consumption pattern that has been changing. The most popular are medium-end products such as vitamins, sedatives, laxatives, and teas. At the same time, the segment of the formerly best-selling weight-loss and men’s health supplements has seen a slowdown.

[PharmVestnik # 05, 13/02/2018, pp. 18-19]

// Insight – Pharmaceuticals

Analysis of retail markup for drugs and supplements, Q1-317

PharmVestnik analysts used AlphaRM data to review ways and tools for pharmacy chains to maintain profitability beyond the margin.

[PharmVestnik # 05, 13/02/2018, p. 20]

// Regulatory & Legal – General

Shall doctors be put in jail for medical errors?

Doctors’ errors, negligence, ignorance, or criminal mind that have resulted in a patient’s death constitute difference causes, while the outcome is the same. Experts tried to make out whether punishment for malpractice doctors should be the same in each of these cases and find an optimum solution.

[PharmVestnik # 05, 13/02/2018, p. 22]

// Pharma Retailing

Social functions important for pharmacies despite no profit

Pharmacy No. 244 that is part of Peterburgskie Apteki JSC (St. Petersburg) started the new calendar year with opining a social affairs department. PharmVestnik tried to find out whether it was social responsibility, a PR move, or a survival tool.

[PharmVestnik # 05, 13/02/2018, p. 24]

// Vaccination

Meningitis vaccination may prevent disease breakout

In Russia, meningococcal infection prevalence has been growing slowly but surely, with a high mortality rate. The main risk groups are children under four, adolescents, and young adults (aged 14-24 years) as well as the elderly. Experts assert that the most effective way to control infection is vaccination.

[PharmVestnik # 05, 13/02/2018, p. 25]

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